Yellow Tree falling

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  • Boja: bordo+naranđasta
  • Isporuka: visina sadnice 1-1,5m
  • Izdržljivost: prezimljava na otvorenom
  • Mesto sadnje: bašta,žardinjera
  • Orezivanje: da
  • Položaj : sunce,polusenka
  • Hranjenje : redovito
  • Udaljenost između biljaka prilikom sadnje : 1-1,5 m
  • Svojstva biljke: cvetna
  • Visina biljke: 1-2m
  • Vrijeme cvatnje : svibanj, lipanj, srpanj, kolovoz, rujan
  • Vrijeme sadnje : ožujak, travanj, svibanj, rujan, listopad, studeni
  • Životni vek biljke: višegodišnja
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Yellow Tree falling is a rose on a tree. Tree roses are a unique and elegant form of rose cultivation, often referred to as “standard roses.”

They are created by grafting a rose plant with a desirable flower variety onto a straight, sturdy stem, forming a tree-like structure. These roses exhibit a distinctive appearance, with the flowering point elevated above the grafting point, providing a striking visual effect.

Tree roses are known for their versatility in landscaping, making them suitable for gardens, walkways, and decorative containers. Their elevated blooms make them particularly eye-catching, and they come in various stem heights to cater to different aesthetic preferences.

Gardeners can find tips for growing and maintaining tree roses to ensure they flourish in their unique form. This form of rose cultivation adds a touch of sophistication to gardens and outdoor spaces.


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