Since the sale is wholesale, delivery is calculated depending on the quantity of seedlings ordered and the distance to the customer. The buyer will be informed about every detail. The customer can organize the transport himself if he wishes.

All prices are stated in euros. Transactions can be made in Swiss francs, Turkish lira, Serbian dinars and British pounds.

That! Each customer receives a certain amount of seedlings as a gift or a discount if the order is large.

Because it is simple and practical.

The minimum quantity is 1000 seedlings, but if the delivery is made by a vehicle with a larger transport capacity, the delivery price will not be reduced.
The ideal amount of seedlings is 3000.

Shipping & Returns:

Once we reach a final agreement on the quantity and delivery method, the ordered items will be delivered.

We organize the transportation of the seedlings, but if it is a more favorable option for you, you can do it yourself with your own transportation.


Payment will be made exclusively via bank transfer. We will deliver the payment instructions as well as the actual amount and the invoice to each customer on time.

Payment is made after the customer inspects the ordered items. After the payment is made, the seedlings can be transported.
If the buyer does not want to inspect the items, he must pay the full amount before delivery.

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