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Svaneza is a family of creeping roses (also known as climbing roses) suitable for forming flower hedges, pergolas, for masking walls and unsightly backgrounds, as well as for individual planting in prominent places. They bloom all season.

If you don’t have a yard and want to grow them on the terrace, you should provide a pot with a larger diameter, at least 40 cm, because creepers have a wide root system, so otherwise, the plant will visibly lag behind in progress. In addition, when planting a creeping rose, it is necessary to ensure good drainage.
If you have a yard and want to form an arch, a pergola or a fence from creeping roses, you need to provide the necessary space for growth and further formation. Creepers are planted at a distance of 1m to 2m, depending on the variety.

Roses are not demanding on the soil, they mostly thrive on sandy, draining, well-drained soil with neutral pH values. Creepers require a lot of light, so they should be highlighted in the brightest places in the yard or terrace.

Pruning creepers is very important, because this way we get a denser and more beautiful structure along with the support. When pruning, it is very important to remove part of the older shoots to make room for new, young shoots that will bloom. You should then prune the old branches to the young and pliable shoot that comes from them.

Be sure to get rose gloves with a leather attachment up to the elbow, which will protect both hands and clothes from thorns.

In addition to the organic fertilizer that should be used in planting, it is necessary to feed the creepers with artificial fertilizer every year, with KAN or AN exclusively in the spring before the vegetation begins to grow.

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