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Samba je jedna od najlepših mnogocvetnih ruža. Svaki cvet je drugačiji. Dostiže visinu 50-60 cm. Ukoliko želite da formirate ivičnjak, sadite ih na rastojanju 50-60 cm. Na stanju 7 sadnica.

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The multi-flowered rose Samba has a beautiful golden-yellow color that turns into an intense red color towards the ends, the red color is more dominant in flowering.

Multi-flowered roses or polyanthes are roses of medium height 40-60 cm that form a dense and compact bush with a lot of leaf mass. They are extremely easy to maintain, they form a large number of slightly smaller flowers grouped in bouquets. They bloom several times a year, from early spring until the first frosts. Due to their dense texture and lower growth, they are suitable for flower borders and planting along paths or lawns. They tolerate pots and planters, open positions or terraces very well.
Care and maintenance:

By applying regular care measures, you will extend the life of the seedling and get a high-quality and healthy plant. This implies the use of fertile soil, regular watering and feeding during the growing season. In order to form a lush crown with many small branches and flowers, drastic cutting is done in spring or autumn and optional trimming during the year.

It is also desirable to regularly remove overbloomed flowers, which provokes faster formation of new buds and more intensive flowering. In the event of the appearance of aphids, black spots on the leaves or some other diseases, take the infected part of the plant to an agricultural pharmacy and apply the appropriate agent. After that, store the seedling to make it stronger. Fertilization can be done with organic or mineral fertilizers. It is preferable to use organic fertilizer in the spring and mineral fertilizer during the growing season.

The stock and price of rose seedlings depends on the time of planting and delivery.
When they are not growing (November-March), we deliver the seedlings in stretched sod, and during the growing season (April-October), the seedlings are stored in PVC pots of 1-3 liters. and delivery to courier services is not recommended, but only in retail.

You can buy rose seedlings in our garden center, nursery in Belgrade at Pančevačko put 86, or have them delivered to you by courier service. The price of delivery of 1-50 rose seedlings is 530 dinars per address.

The minimum order via the site is in the amount of 1200 din (you can create an order that contains several different items, different price categories). You can buy products below this minimum value directly in our retail store.

After receiving the goods, seedlings, seeds, ASC Garden no longer has the ability to supervise and care for them, so it cannot provide a guarantee for the future. For seedlings, as a living being, it is not possible to give a guarantee even a day after they leave the nursery. We cannot influence their maintenance and care, therefore their further growth and development.

Our plants regularly undergo phytosanitary inspections, both forest and phytoinspection, so that we do not have any sick or infected plants.

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